EcoSet is a high performance, one component MS Polymer adhesive for surface bonding all types of Timber flooring including Parquetry, Engineered, Laminated and Solid timber flooring to concrete/cementitious substrates, smoothing compounds, Acoustic Matting, Plywood and Battens.

Technical Data


Working Temp: + 5°C - + 35°C 75% Humidity

Open Time: 30-40 minutes

Working Time: 60 minutes

Walk on: After 6-8 hours

Sanding of Floors: After 48 hours

Shelf life: 12 months

Colour: Brown 

Consumption: 800-1000 g/㎡ B3 trowel (approx 16㎡ per pail over flat surfaces)

Packaging: 16kg pail or 600ml Sausages

EcoSet can take foot traffic after 6-8 hours and Solid Floors can be sanded after

48 hours.

Carcinogens are any substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue. Unlike Polyurethanes that contain carcinogens and are suspected of causing cancer, EcoSet has no ingredients that cause cancer or respiratory ailments.

Tested to ASTME96 at only 1.5mm thick, EcoSet has a built in Moisture Barrier. It is important to ensure that full coverage of the slab is achieved.

EcoSet has been tested in Australia by Renzo Tonin & Associates. EcoSet meets The National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 and The City of Sydney Council's Development Control Plan (DCP) 2012, just to name a few.

EcoSet is flexible allowing the natural movement of the floor without breaking the adhesion.

Using a Floor Essentials B3 trowel over a flat surface will allow the perfect beading stability to ensure your floor will adhere.

EcoSet wipes off both the finished floor and your skin extremely easy. Just dab a small amount of Methylated Spirits on the adhesive, a light rub and it is gone.

Simply switch off under floor heating 48 hours before laying the floor and leave off for 48 hours after completing the floor. The adhesive will not be affected by the heating system.

16kg Pails

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