Evagroups engineered flooring is available in NSW spotted gum & coastal blackbutt species. Once installed it is almost impossible to tell the difference between our Engineered & Solid Timber Floor.

Cornerstone engineered flooring is the result of 3 years of dedicated product development to create a structurally superior wide board floor that is cost effective and easy to install (Both floated or by direct stick) without compromising on the look and feel of traditional hardwood flooring.

Superior Stability

What makes Cornerstone different is its stability due to its superior construction. Evagroup is so confident in its design that we warrant installations in some of the most testing environments, including over subfloor heating. The heart of our stability comes from the balanced 3 ply cross laminate construction using 3mm solid hardwood sawn veneers for both the face and backing.

Greater width options

With increased stability comes the option of greater widths. In Australian Species, you will not find a wider board in 3mm sawn veneers than Cornerstone engineered flooring. Cornerstone engineered flooring comes in both 180mm and 127mm profiles. It is now impossible to achieve the wide board look without compromising the structural stability.

PEFC Certified

While other products may promote the sustainable properties of their use of Australian species, we encourage you to look at the core. Our Cornerstone range is PEFC certified. This includes surface and backing hardwoods and all core materials.

Cornerstone 180x15mm Coastal Blackbutt 9

Australian Coastal Blackbutt Engineered

Available in;

  • 127mm / 15mm / 1800mm 5G Click (1.143m2 / 18kg box) packages  

  • Super Special $66m2 inc gst


  • 180mm / 15mm / 1800mm 5G Click (1.62m2 / 18kg box) packages  

  • Super Special $66m2 inc gst

spotted gum cornerstone.jpg

NSW Spotted Gum Engineered

Available in;

  • 127mm / 15mm / 2200mm T&G Profile (1.397m2 / 18kg box) packages 

  • Super Special $66  inc gst


  • 180mm / 15mm / 2200mm T&G Profile (1.98m2 / 18kg box) packages 

  • Super Special $66m2 inc gst

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