Arauco Plywood is a high quality C/D Plywood produced by Arauco, a Global leader in the manufacturing of Plywood using Radiata Pine. Arauco Plywood is external grade, certified with A-bond WPB "Marine" glue and available in both structural and Non-Structural, as well as tongue & groove. Every sheet exceed the quality expected in the market place and is backed by a 25 year warranty.

The wood in Arauco Plywood originates in certified, sustainable managed plantation forests. No native forest wood or genetically modified trees are used to produce any of Arauco Plywood. The forest that provide wood for Arauco Plywood are certified as being managed in compliance with the rigorous, independent, third party standards of ERTFOR, Chile;s national forest management standard endorsed by the program for the endorsement of forest certification schemes (PEFC). Natures gift in every product.

Available in;

Plywood CD Grade 2400mm x 1200mm (2.88m2 per sheet)

NON - Structural Sizing:

7mm | 9mm


Structural Sizing:

12mm | 15mm | 18mm | 25mm


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